The LOGAN INVESTMENT company was established in 1998 as a legal successor of STS Pezinok. At this time, the main subject of operation was machinery production. Since 1992, KBO Ltd. had carried out its operations in the STS space. The KBO started to use technology of powder coating for metal surface conditioning as one of the first companies in Slovakia. In 2001 LOGAN INVESTMENT bought this technology from the KBO company and in present it forms the main field of its operations. So our company has many years experience with applying this progressive technology and is offering you surface conditioning of your products by powder coating.

Technology of electrostatic powder paint application, that we use, is suitable for steel materials, zinced steel, aluminium plates and profiles. The compnay operates in a production hall of 4047 m2 area and technology is built on 1700 m2, with 600 m2 storage space and 300 m2 office and other operation related space.

Our company has been using a system of quality management ISO 9001:2001.